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Health and safety training - does an employer have to do it?

Health and safety training is an extremely important and prioritised matter that cannot be done without. We tend to focus on employees in this respect, yet the employer and any other person in charge of their subordinates must also take such a course. It is essential for the safe and smooth running of the whole company. Let's find out what this looks like from a legal point of view and what we need to do to consider the training passed.

Legal issues

At the outset, it is useful to familiarise ourselves with the legislation on who we can define as an employer. Article 3 of the Labour Code mentions that it is an organisational unit or a natural person employing employees. One thing to note is that such an entity does not have to be a legal entity. In the same Code, in Article 207 par. 3, we find the provision that the employer is to be familiar with labour protection regulations, including occupational health and safety. In addition, article 237 par. 21 confirms that such a person is obliged to receive training in occupational health and safety. Thus, we have it clearly stated that employers also have to be trained in occupational health and safety.

Periodic versus initial training

We distinguish between two types of courses. As with employees, when someone becomes an employer, he or she must undergo initial health and safety training. Thus, if a self-employed person employs at least one employee, he is obliged to train him. Such training has to be done within six months of starting work in that position. The second type of health and safety course - periodic training - must be done when five years have passed since we first attended it. This is how long our training is valid. You have to repeat this course every five years. This ensures that your knowledge of the regulations is updated and the most important issues still remain in your head.

Independent performance of health and safety tasks

The employer must delegate one person whose duty in the company will be to carry out tasks to maintain health and safety at work. He may also appoint himself in this role. When he has up to ten employees, he must also have completed training for the health and safety service. Also, when the company employs up to twenty people and is classified as an activity in risk category three or lower, such a course is also necessary.

What does the training give us?

When considering embarking on a health and safety course, it can be questionable what we actually gain from it. Of course, it is a guarantee of our safety - with this argument one cannot argue. However, in addition to this, the employer himself can train his employees in health and safety. Also important is job training for new people working in the company. This, too, can be carried out by the employer.

Health and safety course for the employer

What will we learn on the course?

Health and safety training should take place in a professional training centre that has staff qualified to do so. On such a course, you learn the relevant legislation and the basics of first aid. Good training should include practising activities such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Are you an employer and wondering where to get your health and safety training? The OSO Operator Training Centre will train employers and others responsible for managing employees! We guarantee attractive prices and a convenient form of training. Our locations where we conduct the course include: Warsaw, Krakow or Katowice. We can also travel to the workplace to conduct the training.

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