Training for work at height

We invite you to trainings for work at height in Kurso. If you want to take an altitude course, we are at your disposal. By participating in our classes, you can obtain a height license required to carry out work at height.

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general health and safety regulations, work at height is work performed on the surface at a height of at least one meter above the ground or floor level. Then it is necessary to obtain the appropriate authorization to work at height.

Training for work at height, or mountaineering work, is divided into:

  • rope access - they teach the use of ropes at work, both for ascending or descending, and for belaying
  • construction access - relate to safe work on platforms, ladders, scaffolding, when it is necessary to climb to the workplace over other elements of the structure

Our qualified and experienced instructors will help you acquire appropriate knowledge and skills to make working at height safe. The training is offered to employees of companies engaged in mountaineering work, as well as for individuals.

Thanks to them, you can become a specialist as an industrial climber and perform work as an electrician, fitter, roofer, welder, restorer, person responsible for washing windows at height, removing snow from roofs, pruning trees and other works.

The trainings cover, among others, the following issues:

  • legal and organizational requirements for work at height
  • identification and assessment of threats to work at height
  • detailed hardware information
  • safe organization of work at height
  • practical skills for working at height

After completing the training, we issue a certificate in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 11 January 2012 on continuing education in non-school forms (Journal of Laws, item 186). The period of validity of the rights is 3 years. After this time, it is necessary to take a one-day refresher course.

To enroll in training for work at height, the following are required:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education
  • no health contraindications to work in the position

If you have any additional questions regarding our training, please do not hesitate to contact us. We invite

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