Crane operation - activities before starting work

Crane service - activities before starting work

The most effective way to avoid accidents while working with an overhead crane is to follow the health and safety regulations. Only a person with UDT qualifications - the Office of Technical Inspection may be allowed to work. You can obtain gantry qualifications during UDT training, after successfully passing the exam.

Before starting work, the crane operator is obliged to carry out a number of checks - they are aimed at ensuring safe working conditions.


  • work may only be carried out with a device that has a valid UDT decision for operation
  • while working, follow the operating instructions and workplace health and safety instructions
  • if there is damage to the crane or the tractor, the machine should be immediately stopped and the supervisor should be notified

C.Daily activities of the crane operator before starting work:

  • checking entries in the device operation book
  • checking that there are no loads or people who may be endangered in the vicinity of the device
  • getting to know the loads to be transported
  • reconciliation of signals and signs with the hook signalman
  • determination of a place for safe storage of cargo
  • carrying out a daily inspection - Daily Technical Service (OTC), which includes exemplary control of the efficiency of the device and checking the efficiency of safety mechanisms
  • checking the efficiency of the device mechanisms by a test drive
  • entering an entry in the operation book

After carrying out these activities, the crane is ready to work. From then on, the operator of the device takes responsibility for its operation. During work, he should always follow the rules of occupational health and safety and the requirements of the workplace.

Persons wishing to obtain gantry qualifications are invited to familiarize themselves with our offer - we conduct UDT training in the city of Warsaw and in other places throughout the country. We conduct classes in an open and closed form.

We encourage you to sign up for the gantry course - the price and dates of the classes can be found on our website. If you have any additional questions regarding the training, we are at your disposal.

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