Training in evacuation of persons at KURSO

Correct use of breathing apparatus at high altitude

Scope of training  

  • learning advanced techniques for rescue and evacuation from confined spaces, 
  • entering confined spaces with breathing apparatus, 
  • practical training with winches and other rescue systems, 
  • operating in reduced visibility and how to deal with emergency situations.  


  • Provision of a medical certificate that there are no contraindications to working in confined spaces and at heights above 3 metres; 
  • High physical fitness (participants practise in breathing apparatus); 
  • Participants with beards or wearing glasses are requested to contact us before the training. 

Who should participate in the training  

Persons responsible for securing work in a confined area with regard to rescue and evacuation of victims by stretcher. In addition to this, the rescuer's tasks include searching for and installing hoisting systems. 

Training objectives and topics  

use of a hoist for belaying
  • Regulations,  
  • Dangerous atmospheres,  
  • Appropriate selection of gas detectors,  
  • Access to confined spaces using lateral and vertical techniques, 
  • Dealing with an emergency situation,  
  • Advanced search and rescue procedures,  
  • Installation and use of rescue pull-out systems,  
  • Use of a rescue stretcher,  
  • Practical exercises (breathing air apparatus/ zero visibility). 

Participants who pass the theoretical and practical parts will receive a badge and certificate valid for three years. 

Why choose the KURSO centre?

Because we have many years of experience in organising training courses. In addition to this, we have the highest level of practical skills acquired through long exercises of working at height and preventing falls. We are experts in what we do, so if you want to gain or improve your qualifications, sign up today! 

What skills will you acquire after completing the course? 

  • You will be able to identify the threat;  
  • You will ensure the correct choice of equipment and its effective use for belaying and evacuation. 

We invite you to open training courses - organised nationwide - and to contact us to organise closed training.  

high-altitude course

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