First aid - training for employees

First aid training 

How do you ensure the safety of workers on your premises? The answer is simple - train them in health and safety. First aid is the most important health and safety topic, which is why it is already addressed in the initial training. If you want your employees to be best trained in first aid, choose a course at KURSO. 

Theoretical issues 

The focus of the training is on the appropriate transfer of first aid knowledge.  

These are the issues that will be covered in the theoretical part of the course: 

  • legal issues; 
  • contents of the medical kit; 
  • familiarise yourself with the instructions on how to properly report an accident and secure the scene; 
  • principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults and children; 
  • evacuation of casualties; 
  • placing the casualty in the safe side position; 
  • dressing instructions for fractures, frostbite, amputation, bleeding, head, abdominal and thoracic injuries; 
  • dealing with electrocution or lightning, fainting, poisoning, epileptic seizures and heart attacks. 

Practical issues 

In addition to the theoretical part, it is extremely important to look at the subject of first aid in a practical way. Classes in this area may include the following topics: 

first aid kit
  • principles for dealing with traffic accidents; 
  • practising the safe side position; 
  • performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a dummy - cardiac massage and rescue breaths ('mouth-to-mouth' ventilation technique); 
  • CPR for epileptic seizures, choking or electrocution; 
  • appropriate selection of casualties and organising their evacuation; 
  • management of suspected spinal injury - application of a cervical collar. 

The topics given above are examples and can be enriched with topics related to potential hazards at specific workplaces for a particular company. 

What does the law say about first aid? 

Every employer must appoint a person responsible for first aid under Article 209 of the Labour Code. Such an employee is also tasked with operating the first-aid kit when an accident occurs. The first aid system at the workplace should be operational and easily accessible to everyone. Where there is work involving a risk of accident or contact with toxic substances, medical points should be organised. Adequate knowledge of first aid issues allows for quick and effective assistance in the event of an emergency. This is why it is best for employers to provide employees with training in this area. This way, they acquire knowledge in both theory and practice. 

Why choose our training courses? 

KURSO Center has been ensuring that employees are properly trained in first aid for years. Professionalism is ensured by our staff of instructors, who are suitably qualified to provide training. The first aid course is primarily a class that teaches employees how to deal with accidents at work. We provide participants with both theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. We have practice rooms with professional training equipment such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation dummies. These factors ensure that the knowledge we impart is well-grounded and that participants can use it not only in the course of their work, but also in everyday life. The scope of the training includes very useful knowledge, especially when dealing with many situations in which someone needs to be helped. 

Why us? 

You already know what training at KURSO looks like. Now we want to show you what characterises us and why you should choose our course. 

Characteristic Why so? 
Flexibility The topics covered in the course can be expanded as appropriate to meet the needs of the client 
Openness The course at our centre allows anyone who is interested in broadening their skills to enter 
Organized If necessary, training can take place at the workplace for an organized group 
Professionalism Qualified staff of rescuers and specialist equipment ensure excellent preparation for first aid 

Training can take place in both open and closed formats. The former generally takes place at our centre and is also available to those who wish to acquire first aid knowledge on their own. The closed form, on the other hand, is aimed at a specific organised group from an institution or company. Upon completion of the training, a certificate of completion is issued. 

learning CPR

Training location 

The KURSO centre organises first aid courses in branches distributed in various cities in the country. The dates of the next training courses for each city are available on our website. However, if you would like to organise a course at your workplace, we can easily travel to any place in Poland. The date for organising the courses is agreed together with our clients. 


Our first aid training for people in a life and health emergency is characterised by affordable prices. These are set individually, depending on the form of the course (open or closed) and the number of participants. We also have attractive discounts for larger organised groups. A first aid course is beneficial for both employees and the employer. The best option for the safety of the company is for all staff to be trained, because then everyone is in a position to help in the event of an accident, not only on the premises but also outside the workplace. First aid knowledge is very useful in everyday life and acquiring it will only benefit you. We invite you to send us your enquiry via our contact form - there you can ask about the price of a possible training course after providing guidelines such as: the number of persons and location. We encourage you to sign up for a first aid course.

first aid course

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