Maintenance services for UDT machines

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About the company 

We are a company with many years of experience in the market for services related to UDT machinery. Our main objective is the safe and OSH-compliant operation of the equipment entrusted to our service technicians, as well as the full satisfaction of the client. Our staff consists of qualified specialists with the relevant UDT maintenance certificates, who regularly undergo new courses to broaden their skills. We work on the basis of permanent assignments as well as on an ad hoc basis, and our specialisation is in forklift truck repair services. 

Our wide range of services

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Based on customer comfort, we offer comprehensive services for UDT machines, including: 

  • repair service; 
  • audit; 
  • welding and sealing; 
  • machine hire; 
  • sale of new and used machinery; 
  • advice from professional service technicians; 
  • upgrading and refurbishment of parts; 
  • diagnostic consultations. 

Sale and rental of UDT machines 

Our facility is equipped with a full range of machinery, including forklift trucks (with any type of drive: electric, LPG or internal combustion). We offer both sales and hire of used and new UDT equipment. Generally, collection of the equipment takes place at our premises, however, at the special request of clients, we are also able to offer the option of delivering the order to the client's premises. We check the equipment's technical condition in every respect prior to delivery. More than then we provide the support of our mobile service, based on the highest quality spare parts. 

Inspections and approvals from the Office of Technical Inspection 

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We carry out maintenance diagnostics as well as inspections of handling machinery with the support of an UDT inspector, so we guarantee inspections in accordance with their requirements.  

Our review offer consists of: 

  • lubrication of all lubrication points on the equipment being maintained; 
  • entered in the maintenance log by an authorised maintenance person;  
  • technical testing of the equipment for safe use; 
  • perform diagnostic operations in accordance with the applicable guidelines of the Technical Inspection Authority and the manufacturer's instructions. 

 We carry out maintenance on the following equipment: 

  • cranes and hoists;  
  • lift trucks (forklifts); 
  • HDS mobile cranes; 
  • mobile cranes; 
  • tower cranes; 
  • loading lifts (flaps); 
  • hook and gate operators; 
  • mobile (loading) platforms; 
  • cranes; 
  • winches; 
  • telescopic loaders. 

Service and repair 

We offer comprehensive services for, among others, mobile and mobile platforms, gantry and hooklift cranes, forklift trucks of various types (including specialised ones), HDS mobile and portable cranes in terms of all formal requirements related to the guidelines of the Office of Technical Inspection. 
Our range of services includes, amongst others: 

  • ongoing repairs and major renovations; 
  • verification of the technical condition of the vehicle; 
  • calculation of machine stability based on relevant software (CraneWIN and TrailerWIN); 
  • accurate maintenance log kept by a certified maintenance person; 
  • modernisations and repairs; 
  • installation of equipment to the chassis; 
  • registration dossiers; 
  • preparation of equipment for UDT acceptance; 
  • service documentation approved by UDT; 
  • making replacement plates. 

UDT machine welding 

appliance repair

One of the main sectors in which we operate is the welding and welding of UDT machines. Unlike many other companies, we provide the above-mentioned services, which enables us to offer principals a fully comprehensive service for UDT technical equipment. The welding repair offer of our company is primarily aimed at establishments and companies, but we also serve individual customers. 

We offer comprehensive welding support, i.e: 

  • expert advice; 
  • carrying out periodic technical inspections; 
  • preparation of equipment for technical acceptance by UDT; 
  • assistance in the preparation of the required UDT documentation; 
  • extensive welding repairs, as well as those where welding is required. 

Professional forklift truck modernisation 

The older a forklift truck is, the more worn out and less efficient it is, and therefore prone to more frequent breakdowns and the need for repairs. Our company has all the necessary authorisations and modern technical facilities to carry out modifications to these machines.  

When retrofitting forklifts, we include activities such as: 

  • installation of hydraulics for complementary equipment; 
  • changing the length of the masts;  
  • installation of additional light sources; 
  • replacing the old fork carriage in the original vehicle design with a new one or reconditioning it; 
  • major repair or complete replacement of tyres; 
  • regeneration of rectifiers and batteries; 
  • enhancement of the design with additional electronic control elements; 
  • replacement of wear plates and timing belts. 

When modernising a forklift truck to its full extent, we aim not only to improve its functionality, but also to achieve a visually attractive appearance for the machine. Therefore, during the modernisation process, we also renew the external parts of the vehicle by applying a fresh coat of paint. 

The most popular questions

What UDT equipment do we service?

We carry out maintenance on equipment such as cranes, hoists, lift trucks, HDS mobile cranes, mobile cranes, tower cranes, loading lifts, hooklifts, gantry cranes, mobile platforms, overhead cranes, hoists and telehandlers, among others. 

What services does our company offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of UDT machine services including: repair service, auditing, welding, machine rental and sales, professional consultancy, upgrading and refurbishment of parts and diagnostic consultancy. 

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