Mast climbing lift course with UDT exam

The mast climbing work platform can be used indoors or outdoors

This is a practical training, the program of which has been designed to provide comprehensive preparation for the UDT examination. The trainings are conducted by experienced instructors who encourage the participants to be active, thus making it easier for them to acquire knowledge. Part of each course "Mobile platforms mastheads ”is a practical part, during which everyone, even a beginner, has the opportunity to learn the basics of safe platform operation.

The platform service course is not only a source of knowledge and skills needed for the UDT exam, but also the basis for working as an operator. It allows you to acquire the qualifications sought on the labor market and increases the chances of finding a job quickly.


The training is divided into 2 parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part can be held stationary or online, practical classes are always organized stationary, at one of the Centre's maneuvering yards.

During the course, students learn about:

  • Constructions, types, possibilities of using a mast climbing work platform
  • Operator's obligations related to maintaining safety rules during operation
  • Operator's obligations resulting from the provisions on technical inspection

Trainings are carried out in groups of different levels of advancement, hence the duration may be varied, from about 8 to 35 hours. We provide information on this subject at the registration stage, based on an interview with the client.

The process of obtaining permissions

The mast-shaped mobile platform consists of a basket and a mast in the form of a truss and a chassis


Pursuant to Polish law, UDT in Poland is responsible for granting and issuing qualification certificates to work in the profession of operator. The qualifications for mast climbing work platforms are issued for 10 years, and are also valid for stationary mobile platforms (from June 2019).

In order to receive it, you must take the state examination and pass it with a positive result. The exam is conducted by a commission from the appropriate UDT branch, from Warsaw or from another city where the classes were held. UDT training are planned so that the dates are adapted to the examination dates. Our students can additionally prepare for tests by using the materials on our training platform. Among other things, there are sample test questions.

Information about the course for mobile platforms: price, dates, location, registration

Courses for the operator of mast climbing work platforms are usually organized 1-2 times a month. They take place at the headquarters of the Center in Warsaw or in one of our branches. We also organize closed training courses for company employees - if you are interested, please contact us in this case.

To enroll yourself or your employees on the course, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then provide you with the current dates and locations of the courses and the next steps. We will also determine the level of advancement of the student and direct him to the appropriate group.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of other courses: for rises and other devices: mobile mobile platforms, slow-moving mobile platforms and others.


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