Permissions - G1

We invite you to trainings for qualifications - G1 for devices, installations and power networks that generate, process and consume electricity.

It is a course that includes extensive knowledge needed in the workplace with operation and supervision. It is conducted by our qualified instructors who will help you obtain the 1 kV certificate in this class.

The classes conducted by G1 concern the operation and supervision of electrical equipment and installations up to 1 kV and include:

  • power generators, networks and power installations with a voltage below 1 kV
  • generating sets with a power greater than 50 W
  • electric street lighting networks
  • electric overhead lines
  • devices designed for electrolysis
  • electrothermal equipment
  • explosion-proof devices
  • measuring and control devices

In addition to theoretical classes, during our training, participants also receive practical preparation to take up a job. After graduation, the participants take the exam before the commission chosen by the student, e.g. SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS.

In our center, we conduct classes in an open form, which are available to anyone interested, as well as in a closed form - in this case, they are designed on an individual order for organized groups, for example in companies. The schedule of our open classes is presented on the website.

We cordially invite you to use our training services in the KURSO center!

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