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We invite you to the G3 course in our the KURSO center - thanks to our support, you can easily pass the exam and obtain qualifications in this G3 category, which includes G3 devices, installations and gas networks producing, processing, storing, transmitting and consuming gaseous fuels.

Our center has many years of experience in conducting trainings - we know how to ensure full satisfaction of all our clients, so you can invest with us in your future - the G3 course is a very good choice.

G3 trainings cover comprehensively topics in the field of operation and supervision of equipment, networks and gas installations, such as:

  • gas generators
  • equipment for the treatment and transmission of gaseous fuels
  • gas transmission networks with a pressure higher than 0.5 MPa
  • storage devices
  • distribution networks with a pressure lower than 0.5 MPa
  • gas turbines
  • fuel receivers
  • gas installations and devices with pressures above and below 5 kPa
  • measuring and control devices

If you want to obtain G3 qualifications, Warsaw is the main area we focus on - here is our headquarters, but we are also able to reach our clients throughout Poland. We conduct training in an open form, i.e. addressed to everyone interested, as well as closed - for organized groups. The schedule of the G3 qualification courses can be found now on our website.

We invite you to take courses at the KURSO training center!

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