Explosion risk assessment

Certain work environments pose a risk of explosion, which is primarily related to the characteristics of the workplaces, used devices or substances and mixtures. For an explosion to occur, an explosive atmosphere and an ignition source must be formed, such as sparks, hot surfaces, flames, electrical appliances or electrostatic discharge.

In workplaces where there is a risk of an explosive atmosphere, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the explosion risk. Such an obligation on employers is imposed by the ATEX Users 137 Directive and the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 July 2010 on the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety related to the possibility of an explosive atmosphere in the workplace (Journal of Laws of 30 July 2010, .).

The explosion risk assessment takes into account:

  • installations used on the stand
  • substances and mixtures used
  • the processes taking place and their interactions
  • the probability and duration of the occurrence of explosive atmospheres
  • the probability of the occurrence of effective ignition sources
  • the size of the anticipated effects of the explosion

Based on the conducted explosion risk assessment, it is possible to make an appropriate decision regarding explosion protection in a given workplace.

Decisions made on the basis of an explosion risk assessment should:

  • prevent or reduce the possibility of the formation of an explosive atmosphere
  • prevent or reduce the possibility of ignition of an explosive atmosphere
  • reduce the effects of explosions and limit their spread

Therefore, by carrying out an analysis and assessment of the explosion risk in accordance with the directive and the ordinance of the Minister of Economy, it is possible to reduce the risk in those workplaces where an explosion may occur.

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