UDT conservator's licence

UDT machine maintenance theory course 

Welcome to the UDT equipment maintainer courses! 

At Kurso, we have been providing professional courses based on expert experience for years. In order to be able to operate or maintain equipment subject to technical supervision, it is necessary to obtain an UDT licence. 

Each course focuses on one type of equipment. A participant may choose to take several courses if he or she plans to maintain more machines.  

Classes are divided into a theoretical part, which can be taken online, and a practical part. We provide professional equipment for skills training. We guarantee full expert support and access to teaching materials specially developed for you. 

We will prepare you for the UDT examination! 

Practical course for mobile platforms

Maintenance applies to all wheeled machinery as well as mobile platforms and permanently mounted tower cranes.  

We provide a number of training courses giving qualifications to operate and maintain the following machines: 

  • forklift trucks, 
  • tower cranes, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • aerial platforms, 
  • cranes, 
  • vehicle cranes, 
  • mobile platforms (mobile, stationary, mast, pendant), 
  • winches and hoists, 
  • stacker cranes, 
  • freight lifts, 
  • cableways, 
  • portable tanks, 
  • WDT equipment. 

Why choose a materials handling equipment maintenance course? 

Upgrading qualifications translates into salary levels and attractiveness on the labour market. In addition, the profession is stable because modern construction has to meet certain requirements and adapt buildings for people with disabilities.  

Lifts and platforms require ongoing maintenance, which can only be carried out by a certified person. All equipment subject to technical supervision requires periodic inspection and maintenance.             

Tower crane maintenance

Tasks as maintenance technician for UDT machines 

  • preparation of documentation and equipment prior to release for use;  
  • periodic inspection of the technical condition of the equipment; 
  • rectification of current defects; 
  • technical inspections according to schedule; 
  • replacement of consumable components.

The training programme for future UDT machine maintainers includes, but is not limited to, the following groups of topics: 

Documentation Construction of the device Responsibilities  
and powers 
Typical defects 
Health and safety rules Good practices  Operating principles Maintenance plan 

We provide separate training courses for UDT maintainers of mobile platforms and tower cranes! 

Maintenance of mobile platforms 

This is a highly sought-after profession on the labour market! With a UDT qualification you can carry out service and maintenance work on site.  

Topics to be covered in the training course for aerial platform maintainer 

  • information on technical supervision, 
  • general knowledge of mobile platforms, 
  • platform construction - general technical news, 
  • principles of correct operation, 
  • laying out a maintenance plan, 
  • health and safety at work, 
  • responsibilities and powers, 
  • practical classes in conservation. 

After the training, the trainee knows how: 

UDT licence booklet 
  • prepare the workplace; 
  • check the condition of the structure and drive mechanisms; 
  • assess and adjust safety devices and the mobile platform; 
  • hand over the platform for use. 

The course concludes with state examinationwhich leads to a maintenance licence for a specific type of mobile platform: 

  • stationary, mast or pendant; 
  • on railway vehicles; 
  • mobile, loading and passenger transport. 

The UDT conservator's licence is valid for five years.  

We train on brands such as ZOOMLION, ZBUD, Klaas, HEK, Versalift, Palfinger, Manitou, Genie and others. 

Maintainer of tower cranes 

Tower cranes are cranes that are among the largest working machines. They consist of a vertical mast mounted on a stationary base and a boom.  

They are used in industrial and residential construction, in the assembly of steel structures and for material handling. They are equipped with several drives. 

The following topics are covered during the course: 

  • Construction and types of tower cranes - general knowledge; 
  • technical documentation; 
  • maintenance planning; 
  • occupational health and safety; 
  • maintenance exercises. 

The student knows: 

  • Construction, operation and maintenance principles of tower cranes; 
  • Relevant UDT regulations. 

We conduct the practical part on machines from brands such as Toyota, Samsung, Linde, Palfinger, MKG, HAK, Bonfiglioli, Panda, Manitou, Liebherr, Spierings and others. 

We also provide training for operators of UDT equipment! 

  • operation of forklift trucks,
  • mobile platforms operator
  • HDS crane operator

Feel free to contact us! 

The most popular questions

Which machines are covered by the UDT conservator training?

We provide training courses giving qualifications in accordance with the UDT guidelines for maintainers of materials handling equipment. These include, among others: stationary cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, HDS cranes, overhead cranes, scissor lifts, stepladders and forklift trucks.

What issues are covered during the training?

The training programme covers all the issues required for the UDT licence examination for maintenance operators. During the course, the trainee mainly learns about the construction and types of equipment, technical documentation, maintenance plans, principles of correct operation and health and safety. 

How long is a conservator's UDT licence valid?

Qualifications issued by the UDT as a maintenance technician for handling equipment are valid for 5 years. They make it possible to work in Poland and the EU. After this period, the qualification can be renewed. 

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