Movable mobile access platforms "spiders" - service course

Mobile platforms "spiders" - devices with small dimensions, suitable for work in difficult terrain

The mobile mobile platform is a material handling device which, in accordance with the UDT regulations, is subject to technical inspection. This means that the ability to operate and knowledge of the structure of the device is not enough to be able to perform work with its participation. From operators of this type of platforms, employers require authorizations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. We enable people who want to work in this profession to participate in the course and take the state examination.

Course on mobile platforms "spiders" - information

"Spiders" is a type of mobile platforms, adapted to be transported on car trailers

The scope of issues

We provide the participants of the course with the knowledge required for the state examination of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). Trainings are conducted both in the form of a lecture (also via the Internet, as webinars) and practical classes, during which students have the opportunity to learn how to use the device.

We teach how the "spider" type mobile access platform is built, how to start it and how to prepare it for work, and how to proceed in the event of a breakdown or accident. The trainees also gain the necessary knowledge in the field of technical inspection regulations or familiarizing themselves with the operating instructions for devices. We place great emphasis on learning how to use mobile platforms in a safe manner, in accordance with the principles of health and safety at work.

For whom

We invite all interested parties to open classes, regardless of whether they have experience in working with mobile platforms or are people with no experience. Already when signing up for training, we verify the level of knowledge and skills so as to qualify the client to the appropriate class group.

We also organize closed training for companies in which only posted employees participate. As with open training, we can organize a full training course of around 30 hours or less for people who only need to complete their knowledge before the exam.

Pursuant to the regulations, work as an operator is only possible for people over 18 years of age, with at least elementary education and no health contraindications.

Organizational details

  • Dates of classes: we organize classes during the week and at weekends, in the mornings and afternoons. Current dates and locations can be found on our website.
  • Duration: depends on the level of advancement of the group. Some people only need one day (8 hours of training) to prepare for the exam. Beginners usually need around 30 hours to master the material.
  • Cost of attendance: varies depending on the group, number of hours, date of training for mobile platforms. The price for closed training courses may be lower per person.
  • What is included in the price: theoretical and practical classes, certificate of completion of the course, access to the educational platform with additional materials, necessary health and safety equipment during practical classes, refreshments during coffee breaks.

UDT exam and qualifications

After completing their studies, students take the exam before the UDT commission. The trainings are conducted in such a way as to prepare the participants in the best possible way for gaining new qualifications. Instructors conduct internal tests, which are required to pass the state examination.

On behalf of our clients, we deal with organizational issues and contact the UDT branch. Permissions are granted to those who obtain the appropriate number of points in the test with closed questions and pass the stage of the interview with the examiner at the device.

After obtaining the appropriate qualifications, you can apply for a job as an operator of mobile platforms (spiders).

Work for operators of mobile platforms

The mobile platform operator course is an opportunity to gain a sought-after qualification on the labour market. So-called spiders are small but very practical devices that can successfully replace larger platforms. Their advantages include a relatively high working height of the platform (up to several tens of metres), low weight allowing work on low load-bearing floors, and compact dimensions. All this makes spider platforms suitable for work on any terrain, indoors or outdoors.

Movable mobile - transportable platform can be used, for example:

  • At construction sites for the installation of glass elements on the facade, railings, gutters, roof elements
  • For installation and repair of lighting
  • For the conservation of historic buildings, inside and out
  • When repairing damaged telephone and power lines
  • During assembly, repair, inspection of electrical, fire and ventilation installations in large buildings
  • For work on the maintenance of greenery in parks, squares, recreational areas


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