Flange connections assembly course

The growing popularity of heat pumps in private homes and industry has contributed to a greater demand for fitters of flange connections. Tightness in hydraulic systems is a priority, therefore qualified employees performing or supervising the assembly of flange connections in systems posing a particular risk, carried out in accordance with PN-EN 1591-4 standards, are urgently sought.

From technicians who make or maintain flange connections and carry out pressure tests or legalize valves, national approvals are required, confirmed by appropriate certificates. If you want to obtain such qualifications, we encourage you to sign up for the course we offer, which will open up new opportunities in the area of professional career and make it easier to get a well-paid job.

An improperly installed gasket of a flange connection in a transmission system, e.g. hydrogen, can cause enormous damage in the enterprise, because in such a situation there is a high probability of an explosion. Under the influence of high temperature, steel is malleable - then the operation of the equipment must be stopped in order to repair it. Downtime in the workplace generates considerable costs, an additional difficulty is the fact that the repair of the connection requires re-approval by the Office of Technical Inspection.

If you do not want to expose your company to losses, trust us and invest in professional training of your employees.

Knowledge gained during the course

Our training allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in the proper installation and safe operation of pressure equipment.

During the theoretical part of the course you will learn about:


  • types of flange connections
  • types and features of gaskets
  • bolt grades
  • functionality of the seals
  • working stages on the sealing surface
  • possible bolt loads
  • the stresses of the seals
  • the most common causes of faults
  • causes of loads in connections and their consequences
  • ways of safe disassembly of connections
  • types and handling of torque wrenches
  • construction, operation, maintenance and proper use of torque multipliers
  • methods of assessment of used flange connections
  • health and safety rules

In the practical part you will learn:

  • assembly of flange connections
  • workplace inspection
  • selection and inspection of seals
  • sequence of actions performed
  • carrying out tightness tests of connections

Occurrence and advantages of flange connections

Connections of two flanges with bolts and gaskets are provided in the assembly:

  • cast iron pipes with fittings
  • steel pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • PEHD pipes

The most important benefits of using flanged connections include high tightness of the connection, which guarantees reliability and safety. Another advantage of flanged connections is the rigidity of the elements used, which protects the structure against damage and deflections.

Parameters that require special attention

In order to guarantee the long-term operation of tanks and pipelines, the quality of flange connections should be taken care of. The reliability and tightness are reflected in the precision and accuracy of the installers.

With the aim of developing high skills of fitters, we have developed a training related to the supervision and assembly of flange connections.

While working, the technician should bear in mind:

  • safety of people working in the vicinity of the connection;
  • the likelihood of an explosion, fire or contamination;
  • financial losses due to plant downtime;

Proper maintenance of the joints reduces the possibility of leaks to a minimum and increases the operational safety of the network and pressure equipment. The fitter should also have knowledge of how to select components that will guarantee a high-quality connection

Flange connection components
EquipmentSpare parts
bolts with nutssealing rings
padsclamping rings


Training price

The cost of group training for companies depends on the number of people registered and the length of the course. Contact our consultant for details offers.



  •  18 years of age or older
  •  basic education


Benefits of participating in our training

Each participant receives a certificate - the obtained qualifications are valid for 5 years.

We organize courses at our headquarters, but we meet the expectations of our clients and conduct training in the "tailor-made" formula - we conduct classes in a place indicated by you after prior arrangement. It is also possible to define an individual program scope.


Why is it worth training with us?

  • we have many years of experience in the preparation of sealing specialists for all industries;
  • the training staff consists of specialists and qualified employees of large enterprises dealing with flange connections;
  • the issued certificates confirming the skills are recognized in the European Union countries


If you have any questions about our offer please contact us - our employees will be happy to help you clarify any doubts.

We encourage you to choose our services!


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