Preparation course for obtaining qualifications for scissor lifts

Obtaining qualifications to operate scissor lifts takes the form of a knowledge test and a practical exam. Specialist knowledge is required from candidates for operators, which is difficult to obtain based on materials available on the Internet. The courses organized by our Center contain all the necessary information in an accessible form. Participants have the opportunity to practice the operation of scissor lifts using our equipment base, learn the rules of safe operation of devices, perform trial and the latest tests preparing for UDT exams.

Qualifications for scissor lift operators

Scissor lifts, like other mobile platforms, are covered by technical supervision in Poland. This means that in order to work with these devices, it is necessary to have authorisations granted by the Office of Technical Inspection. In the case of scissor lifts, these authorisations are granted for 5 years. A certificate of qualification issued by the UDT also entitles the operator to work abroad.

From the persons taking the UDT examination, the following are required:

  • Knowledge of the health and safety rules applicable to the operation of lifts
  • Knowledge about the construction of this type of machine
  • Knowledge of the rules of technical supervision
  • Practical ability to handle the rises
  • Ability to act in the event of an accident or breakdown

Preparation for the UDT exam

The UDT training courses organised by our Centre are a way of acquiring the necessary knowledge from scratch or of supplementing it. We invite both those who have not yet used lifting equipment at work and those with experience. The scope of the material in both open and closed training courses is adapted to the participants' level of knowledge, allowing them to make the most of their time in class. The training includes a theoretical and practical part, and the large number of available dates allows you to take the UDT exam within a short period of time after completing your training.

People interested in broadening their knowledge can also take part in other courses of the Center: in the field of maintenance of mobile platforms, operation of cranes, cranes, trolleys, overhead cranes and other machines.

What kind of work can be done after the scissor lift course?

With a licence to operate mobile platforms, including scissor lifts, you can seek employment as a labourer or, with your own equipment, provide services to other companies. Scissor lifts are used for work at height in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Production - factories, warehouses
  • Advertising

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