We invite you to a winch operator training course conducted in our center - during these classes you will receive comprehensive preparation for work in this position. We care about the complete satisfaction of our clients, which is why we make every effort to ensure that learning with us is as effective as possible, and obtaining permits is only a formality. Experienced staff, activating teaching methods, as well as a rich program make the use of our services a future-oriented investment.

The winches are the winches which consist of a mechanism built on a separate supporting structure. Most often it has the form of a frame - sliding, mobile or fixed. Winches are used to transport loads vertically upwards or horizontally to the side. They are used primarily in shipyards, energy, automotive and construction industries as well as in railways. They are used, among others, in machines such as elevators, tow trucks, on ships, also as hydraulic winches, which are usually driven by an internal combustion engine.

In our the KURSO center we make sure that the quality of teaching is at the highest level. We hope that we will also meet all your requirements in this respect.

The following issues are discussed during the classes:

  • construction of winches and their types
  • technical supervision of devices
  • specialist machinery: operation of winches
  • operator's duties - before starting work, during and after work
  • principles of occupational health and safety

Theoretical classes are additionally supplemented with practical classes, during which participants learn how to use winches. The entire training ends with an examination, and its successful completion allows the participant to obtain qualifications.

To enroll in the course the following are required:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education
  • no health contraindications to work in the position

Classes are conducted in an open and closed form. The schedule of open classes can be found on the website. In the case of closed please contact us with us.

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