Hanging mobile platform operator course with UDT qualifications exam

Hanging mobile platforms are among the equipment covered by technical supervision. For those wishing to work as operators, this means, among other things, that they must hold the relevant UDT qualifications. Participation in our training courses makes it easier to prepare for these qualifications: theoretical and practical aspects of platform operation are covered, and instructors teach the trainees how to use the platforms.

What is a hanging mobile platform

According to the categorisation of the Office of Technical Inspection, this type of platform is included, together with stationary mobile platforms, in category IIP. Well-known brands/manufacturers of boiling mobile platforms include GEDA, SkyClimber, PWS, Power Climber. It is characterised by a wide platform (its lifting capacity and working width depend on the parameters of the particular model), hoisted by a winch on sturdy ropes to a suitable height. The whole is operated by a control system, and the load and safety rope (which protects the platform and operator with gripping devices) are suspended from e.g. girders/booms fixed to the roof of the building with suitable counterweight.

Mobile platforms - course

Classes preparing students to operate suspended mobile platforms are conducted by our experienced instructors. They conduct lectures, conveying theoretical knowledge in an attractive and accessible way for participants. You can also participate in theoretical classes remotely, in the form of webinars.

The issues discussed during the classes concern, among others:

  • Types and applications of suspended platforms
  • Construction of device components
  • The operator's obligations to prepare for work, during and after work
  • Safety rules related to the use of platforms
  • Technical inspection regulations in force

After gaining theoretical knowledge, students have the opportunity to put it into practice and learn how to use the device.

The curriculum complies with the requirements of UDT. The trainings also include the approach to the state examination, taken before the appropriate UDT commission (in Warsaw or at a branch of the Office). A positive result in the process of checking the qualifications means granting the qualifications for mobile platforms. In our Center, you can also obtain authorizations for other types of devices: mobile access platforms, authorizations for lifting platforms or self-propelled mobile platforms.

What can you use the permissions issued by UDT?

Hanging platform is a device widely used in construction, maintenance, renovation and assembly works outside buildings. More and more often it is replacing scaffolding in places where it would be difficult to set up. Some platforms are installed permanently - as permanent access devices.

Such a wide application makes the operators of suspended platforms specialists sought after in the labor market. The operating skills acquired during the course on mobile platforms can be used, among others, in:

  • Construction companies - for finishing works on building facades
  • Companies dealing with assembly, maintenance, control of devices mounted outside buildings: air conditioning, ventilation and others
  • Specialist companies dealing in cleaning, sandblasting facades, washing external windows
  • Companies providing repair, maintenance and other services on atypical structures: bridges, viaducts, chimneys

Details on how to participate in the training

For mobile platforms, the course takes place in several locations: Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow. If you are interested in organising a closed training course for your company, please contact us for details.

The qualifications in the profession of operator may be obtained by people who are 18 years of age or older, have at least basic education and a certificate of no health contraindications from an occupational medicine doctor. We do not require education from students - we create groups that teach how to use them from scratch, as well as groups in which only knowledge is supplemented. Thanks to the interview and research of needs at registration, we can offer our clients participation in the course in the appropriate group.

People who would like to register themselves or their employees for training, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


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