KURSO fiber optic welding (joining) course

Welder training - fibre optic 

Our KURSO centre organises specialised training courses for those interested in welding, enabling participants to gain the necessary qualifications to become a welder.  

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Who is the fiber welding training for? 

With many years of experience and working with an excellent team of experts, our course is tailored to meet the most demanding needs of participants. We welcome individuals who want to: 

  • complete knowledge of fibre-optic welding; 
  • gain or upgrade qualifications in the welding sector; 
  • gain a new profession. 

In the training course you will mainly learn: 

  • What exactly is optical fibre and what role does welding play; 
  • what fibre optic welding technologies are currently available; 
  • what tools and aids are used when welding fibre optics; 
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of different welding techniques and methods; 
  • How to weld fibre optics safely. 

On the other hand, in the practical part, you will take part in exercises during which you will learn techniques for joining (welding) optical fibres, transferring factual knowledge to experience. Our offer is aimed both at individuals and employers planning to organise training for their employees. Therefore, attractive discounts are available for larger organised groups.   

Why bet on KURSO? 

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  • Attractive prospects - The welding profession is currently one of the professions in short supply on the labour market. You will secure the ideal conditions for your professional development with a rewarding salary. 
  • You learn from the experts - Fibre optic welding is an occupation that requires many skills, which are best acquired from experts in the field. This is how the practical learning takes place in our training course. Among the course staff, you will find qualified installers, welders and cable TV technicians and employees. In addition, our course gives you the opportunity to gain your UDT licence. 
  • You learn where and when you want - our course is not only about hours of stationary lectures - we provide each participant with training materials in the form of: tests, presentations or training videos. You can use them whenever and wherever you want. 

We also recommend our other training courses: 

  • electrical licensing course; 
  • course for mobile platforms; 
  • forklift operator training; 
  • UDT authorisation course. 

Feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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