Sale of new and used UDT machines

side loading trolley during servicing

Our company's specialisation is in the field of trading, particularly related to forklift equipment. We offer the sale and rental of both new and used machines from well-known and respected brands. The forklifts we sell are distinguished by their exemplary technical condition, as well as the assured renewed paint coating and full inspection. The forklifts on offer come with a guarantee of 3 to 6 months, and the scope of the guarantee depends on the type of package selected. Our range includes equipment with different lifting capacities to suit all possible working conditions. 

What kind of trolleys do we have? 

  • Electric warehouse forklifts; 
  • Pallet trucks; 
  • Lift trucks; 
  • Reach Truck side loading trucks; 
  • Reach trucks; 
  • Multidirectional trolleys; 
  • Electric and internal combustion (lpg, petrol, diesel) forklift trucks; 
  • Other trolleys.  

The wide and varied product range makes it possible to respond to all customer needs in terms of the optimum selection of warehouse logistics equipment, as well as the form of financing.  

The strengths of our facility: 

  • Competitive prices; 
  • Professional advice; 
  • Prompt execution of orders; 
  • Delivery guarantee; 
  • Assistance in obtaining funding, credit, leasing; 
  • Forklift truck warranty with confirmed inspection; 
  • Convenient rental location;  
  • Availability of all types of trolleys; 
  • Minimum formalities; 

The range of services and products available on our website is complemented by services and products to optimise warehouse operations. Our speciality is to provide services to optimise your workload and potential costs. We have also prepared a comprehensive service offer.   

Forklift truck rental  

The head office of our company is located in Warsaw, but we also offer rental in other cities in Poland (including the Mazovian, Łódź, Podlasie, Wielkopolska and Silesian Voivodeships). In order to ensure the comfort of our customers, we offer sales and rental of forklift trucks not only stationary, but also online, through our website. We provide comprehensive technical advice and attractive prices. We take care of the high standard of services available from us, using a number of modern methods and tools. These aspects enable us to offer proven solutions in the sale of new forklift trucks and the rental of used forklift trucks. We select equipment to meet the customer's expectations, as well as to match it to the working conditions in which the forklifts are used. 

Traction battery diagnostics and regeneration 

Regular servicing of traction batteries is very important as it extends their service life, avoids any situations potentially jeopardising the continuity of production and conditions the safe operation of the equipment. We offer the support of our technicians to carry out a thorough analysis of the battery's technical condition. In the event of unsuccessful results in the condition of the battery, we are able to work out an individual solution to the problem with the customer, including the option of purchasing a new device. In addition to our on-site service, we can also carry out this service on-site at the customer's premises. 
Scope of service work: 

  • Check condition of link fasteners and bolted connections;  
  • Control of battery cleanliness (including neutralisation of acid deposits); 
  • Verification of the current status of batteries and batteries (full capacity tests); 
  • Overview of rectifier and battery parameters; 
  • Drawing up a detailed expert report on the condition of the battery, 
  • Regeneration, i.e. restoring the battery to full capacity; 
  • Diagnostics and advice including a list of optimal technical and operational solutions; 
  • Collection and disposal of used batteries. 

Forklift truck buying 


As we strive to meet the needs of our shoppers, in addition to buying new equipment and renting used machines, we also offer the purchase of used forklift trucks. It is worth noting that this offer applies to forklift trucks in optimum condition, damaged forklift trucks as well as seriously run-down forklift trucks. We buy up single forklift trucks from companies and private owners, as well as larger quantities. 

In order to provide a quote for a forklift, we will need basic information on a specific model, e.g. make, year, load capacity, mast type, accessories (including attachments). Any information on whether the forklift has full UDT documentation will also be necessary. If full documentation is not available, simply ask the manufacturer to send it to you. 

The technical condition of the forklift is also an important parameter for us, which is why we always ask you to provide information on the type of mechanical damage, missing parts and the condition of the engine. 

Forklift truck brands purchased 

We buy forklifts from brands such as:  

  • Clark; 
  • Still;  
  • Linde;  
  • Toyota;  
  • Doosan;  
  • Mitsubishi;  
  • UniCarrriers/ Nissan;  
  • Jungheinrich; 
  • other forklift truck brands. 

Resurgence and special technical inspection  

Users of material handling equipment are legally obliged to reconstruct the operating history of individual vehicles in order to comprehensively assess their technical condition. This requirement was imposed by the amendment of 30 October 2018 to the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The above-mentioned regulations regulate the concept of the resurve, which determines the period of useful capacity of the equipment, during which it should meet the conditions for efficient and safe operation. The calculation of the residual life concretises our conclusion regarding the release of the vehicle for daily use, indicated modernisation or withdrawal of the device from circulation. 

Another element in assessing the performance of a forklift truck is to carry out a special inspection to help fully evaluate the machine. Our company carries out both the technical inspection and the calculation of the resurvey. We also carry out repairs to return the machine to operation. 

Company assumptions 


From the very beginnings of our long-established establishment, we have strived to build close relationships with our customers based on trust, as well as meeting personalised needs. To date, we have completed hundreds of orders. We place the complete satisfaction of our partners as the most important value in our work and the measure of our success. 

Product categories: 

  • Carriages: 
  • electric forklifts; 
  • LPG front trucks; 
  • picking trolleys; 
  • low-lift trucks; 
  • hand pallet trucks; 
  • lifting pallet trucks; 
  • mast pallet trucks; 
  • specialised trolleys; 
  • system trolleys; 
  • internal combustion forklifts; 
  • reach trucks; 
  • manual forklift trucks; 
  • guided trolleys. 
  • Lifts, platforms and more: 
  • diesel scissor lifts; 
  • self-propelled scissor lifts; 
  • scissor lifts; 
  • scissor platforms; 
  • mobile scissor lifts; 
  • electric scissor lifts; 
  • scissor lift; 
  • scissor lift; 
  • small scissor lifts. 
  • Palletisers: 
  • pallet trucks and pallet jacks; 
  • lifting pallet trucks; 
  • electric pallet trucks; 
  • used pallet trucks; 
  • mast pallet trucks. 

We encourage you to familiarise yourself in detail with our company's offer, and if you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the selected department. 

The most popular questions

What services do you offer?

We offer sales and rental of both new and used forklift trucks of well-known and respected brands, as well as inspection diagnostics and UDT equipment service. 

Do you carry out specialist reviews?

Our company handles both the technical inspection and the calculation of the resurvey. 

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