Aerial platforms - a course for device operators

The platform is a kind of a basket platform, placed on a car trailer, with a boom and a platform

Handling the so-called lifts is associated with a high responsibility on the part of the operator. Although working with these devices may seem relatively easy, in fact it requires a lot of knowledge about the construction of their individual elements, health and safety rules, strength and stability of platforms. For this reason, operators of aerial work platforms must have special qualifications confirmed by an exam. The organization of such examinations in Poland is carried out by the Office of Technical Inspection.

To make it easier for future operators to prepare for the exam, our Center has prepared a course, the program of which takes into account the UDT examination requirements. Participation in the course significantly increases the chances of a positive result and gaining credit for increases.

Course program for aerial work platforms

Students participate in lectures conducted by qualified instructors of the Center. As part of the theoretical classes, they learn what elements the lifts consist of, what types of devices are used for individual works, how to use the operating manual, how to follow the health and safety rules. The theoretical training is conducted in a way that activates the participants: the instructors give numerous examples, ask questions, and conduct tests to check the participants' level of knowledge. This part of the classes can also be conducted remotely.

After theoretical classes, students participate in practical exercises at the Center's own maneuvering yard. Here they have the opportunity to practice the operation of the platforms in practice and check how their individual elements work.

In addition, during and after the course, future lift operators can use materials on the learning platform. These include sample tests, prepared on the basis of examination questions provided by the UDT.

At the end of the course, the Office of Technical Inspection, in cooperation with the Center, organizes a theoretical and practical exam for willing participants. Persons who pass the exam with an appropriate result receive the authorization to operate aerial work platforms, valid for 5 years.

Aerial platform course - practical information

You can easily perform work at heights with the help of aerial platforms: renovation, assembly, maintenance

Below are the most important details on how to organize the price increase rate. If you have additional questions, please visit this page, where we provide detailed information:

  • Where the course takes place: standard locations for aerial work platform courses are Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, as well as other large cities - as and when required. In addition to open courses, we also organise closed training courses for companies, in a location of the customer's choice.
  • Duration of classes: the number of hours may vary depending on which group the participant is in. Groups for beginners have about 35 hours of classes, in the case of people who have already worked with mobile platforms, this time can be shortened to even a few hours (then the participants only supplement and update the knowledge needed for the exam).
  • What is the price and what it includes: detailed information on the cost of participation in the classes is provided at the registration stage. They may differ due to the different level of advancement of students, different locations and dates (e.g. prices for a basket lift course in Warsaw may be different than in smaller cities).
  • Registration: to register, please contact us by phone or e-mail. It is also possible to register via the website

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