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Welding UDT training - invest to use

KURSO invites you to UDT training welding. Our courses allow you to acquire knowledge and master its practical application in welding methods: MMA, TIG, MAG, MIG.

The training also allows you to obtain the necessary qualifications, i.e. training completion certificate and entry in the welder's book. When you read this article, check that our prices are favorable and that locations all over Poland are also available to you.

There is no success without investment

Is it worth making changes and investing in increasing competences? By thinking about new skills and the opportunities they can open up, you can get an answer to the question of what your future will look like. If you answer this question, you may also discover that change is an opportunity, a chance for something better and more attractive. However, we often expect changes, and yet they do not come by themselves.

  • Marcin knows a lot about the theory of welding: about electrodes, inductance, and many other topics, but in fact, he has never operated a real welder,
  • Although Dmytro can use a migomat, the terms in the welding dictionary still sound strange to him; this is a problem for him and the rest of the construction team he works with,
  • Krzysiek, in turn, knows the profession of a welder, but has no qualifications to change his job for a better one,
  • Przemek is an enthusiast of car repair, but so far he has not worked out the problem of a leaky fender in his car.

An investment in competences is an investment in a better future

Change often doesn't come from outside. Most often they are the result of your actions, so it is best if it is well planned. Only if you make a decision and commit to its execution can you expect benefits.

  •  Marcin has not completed any welding course; he diagnosed the situation in such a way that although he is a self-taught theory, it does not replace him with practical training,
  • Dmytro needs to learn the structure of knowledge and professional vocabulary in the jargon of welders, it will make it easier for him to work with other colleagues; his supervisor also thought about it when he enrolled him on the course,
  • Krzysiek should think about further education; obtaining the qualifications, he told his wife, would increase his chances on the labor market,
  • Przemek, a mechanic by passion, discovered that if he wants to cultivate his hobby, it is worth completing the training.

Tangible benefits from your investment

The subject of our training is welding and theoretical and practical aspects of individual welding techniques - MMA, TIG, MAG, MIG, including welding works, both at fixed and mobile workstations. The knowledge of how to weld fillet and butt welds - sheets and pipes, is thoroughly discussed and trained within each technique. The course is carried out on the basis of Euro-standards and legal acts regulating the performance of welding works and takes into account the issues of health and safety and fire protection. Below you will find an accessible summary of the techniques that are the subject of our courses. Choose the right training for yourself or, if you are an entrepreneur, for your employees.

Choice of welding technology (MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG)

The choice of welding technique may depend on many factors. Therefore, conditions such as, in particular, to be considered:

  • planned quality of the welded joint,
  • type and condition of materials,
  • application and operation of the welded joint,
  • the speed with which the welding work is to be performed,
  • the required skill level of the welding operator.

Welder operator at work

MMA method (MMAW, manual metal arc welding method 111)

The general principle that distinguishes this method is the use of a dedicated electrode, covered with a special layer of material, for fusing welded elements. In MMA welding, an arc is produced between this accessory and the material to be welded. The component of the electrode is, next to the metal core, the cover. Under the influence of the current and the thermal energy obtained (arc emitted), the lagging decomposes, producing shielding gases and gravel.

Thanks to them, it is possible to protect the material against the influence of external factors and precisely exclude any interference by the atmosphere. The evolution of the shielding gas also serves to prevent the molten material from solidifying too quickly at the junction point.

TIG method (GTAW method 141)

The TIG method assumes the use of a non-consumable welding electrode, made mainly of tungsten.
Around this electrode, there is a gas outlet in the form of a nozzle. Welding process takes place using the so-called shields of inert gases that do not react with the materials to be joined.
Most often, the shielding gas is argon, less often its mixture with helium or only helium. The electrode, which is also a TIG torch, produces a welding arc that acts on the welded parts.

MIG / MAT methods (numbering in method classification: 131 and 135)

In each of these technologies, an electric arc occurs between the electrode (wire) and the material being welded. The main difference between the MIG and MAG methods is the type of shielding gases used.
The MIG method uses gases that are inert to the materials to be bonded, ie argon, helium, and MAG, active gases, ie CO2.

We invite you to welding training

KURSO has been on the market continuously for over 15 years. However, our internship in the training industry is based on over 20 years of experience in the organization of personnel training. UDT trainings and technical courses, also in the field of welding, create exceptionally favorable conditions for acquiring new competences. We have been trusted by many students who, thanks to the completed training and certification, have expanded their development opportunities. We also create very good conditions for business clients who invest in human resources.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the UDT training offer in the selected welding method:

Our welding training offer is addressed to all those who want to develop in this field. Regardless of whether welding is your profession or passion, and whether you lack substantive knowledge or need practice, we will help and train you. There is a form available on our website, thanks to which you can register for the training. If you have any other questions or you want to contact us directly regarding the offer, please contact our consultants

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