The work of a welder

The job, in a nutshell, involves joining metal parts together using heat treatment. Due to the rapid growth of industry, work can be found in many sectors, including: Educated welders are among the most sought-after workers on the labour market in Poland as well as abroad. Pros and cons of working as a welder Read more "

practical ability to weld with covered electrodes

MMA electrode welding in practice

MMA (Metal Metal Arc Welding) MMA welding is a method centred on the use of a consumable electrode made of a suitable core covered with a special lagging. It is considered the most versatile welding technique due to its combination of efficiency, versatility and the possibility of carrying out a wide variety of projects. MMA welding: Decisive advantagesRead more "

HDS crane on site

Practical application of HDS cranes

A FEW WORDSHIPS ABOUT HDS cranes Abbreviation HDS: hydraulic truck crane. It is a very commonly used device in all types of handling work. The HDS crane is subject to the Technical Inspection Authority. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE CONSTRUCTION The structure of an HDS crane consists of fixed parts, which are essential equipment for any machine, and variable parts,Read more "

Pipe flange connection

Flange connections - key information

What is a flange joint and why is it so commonly used? In simple terms, a flange connection consists of three separate and independent components: flanges, gaskets and bolts. A gasket is fitted between the pair of components to prevent leakage. The installers or fitters then typically use a minimum of four bolts to seal them thoroughly. Use of flangesRead more "

Pipe flange connection

Flange connections - key information

Flanged connections Flanged connections are one of the components used in pipeline networks. They are used in the chemical industry, oil refineries, the energy industry and the food industry. Construction of flange connections Flange connections are coaxial, opposing flanges joined by bolts. The connection is sealed by a rubber washer, although connections without a rubber washer are also in use.Read more "

Overhead crane on the production floor

Overhead cranes - types, construction and application

What are cranes and where do we use them? Overhead cranes are machines that can be used to move heavy loads both vertically and horizontally. These machines are used in shipyards, warehouses, factories, production halls. They are also used in the construction industry. They can be found in places involved in the metallurgical, armament and shipbuilding industries. Overhead craneRead more "

Work at height in winter

Industrial climbing

What is the work of an industrial climber like in winter? The work of an industrial climber lasts all year round. However, the winter period is a time of dangerous conditions for working at heights. What are the responsibilities of altitude workers in winter? Types of altitude work in winter There are a number of winter jobs carried out by specialised industrial climbers. Snow clearance from roofs One cubic metre of snow weighsRead more "

telescopic handlers at work

What are telehandlers?

Telescopic handlers are lift trucks with a mechanical lifting drive with a boom. The device's arm is designed to carry loads and is similar to a telescope in its design. With the help of the arm, it can be freely extended and can work vertically as well as horizontally at height. Telescopic handlers belong to the category of handling equipment, so in order toRead more "

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