Types of devices.

Equipment for the disabled

In order for people with disabilities to move freely, devices consisting of a lifting mechanism and a platform, most often hydraulically or electrically driven, are used. All these devices to safely transport a disabled person are subject to technical supervision. They are mounted in such a way as to overcome all architectural barriers for people with reduced mobility.Read more "

Work endangered.

Health and safety for people performing risky work.

Over the years, we can observe a significant evolution from different perspectives. Work done by people in the past, thanks to additional machines and tools, becomes faster and lighter. Moreover, some of the occupations were taken over entirely by remote-controlled or automated robots. With this in mind, it is worth taking a look at the work performed byRead more "

Description of the roller and excavator.


Road roller is classified as construction machinery. using it, it is possible to compact the soil properly, and this is the most important thing it does. It is irreplaceable in the case of work during the compaction of pavement mass during road construction, and also during earthworks. Depends on the roller model, and more precisely on its weightRead more "

Safe operation - maintenance of handheld firefighting equipment

By the term fire protection devices we mean all kinds of fixed or semi-permanent devices, operated manually or automatically, responsible for detecting and fighting fires, as well as for neutralizing their effects. Fire-fighting devices are divided into: devices included in the voice alarm system and fire alarm system, signaling and alarm devices, alarm receiving devicesRead more "

Basic information about cranes

In the process of selecting the right crane, its intended use plays a key role. Lifts, colloquially known as elevators, are a group of machines subject to technical supervision. Based on the functional features and restrictive technical barriers in design, resulting from concern for safety, they are covered by the provisions of the machinery and crane directive and many standards resulting from the PolishRead more "

Tower cranes - how do they work and what are they used for?

The construction industry has developed significantly in recent years. This progress contributes to the emergence of newer and better machines that speed up, facilitate work or minimize its costs. One such device is the tower crane, which helps to achieve the above-mentioned effects. These machines are said to already constituteRead more "

Telescopic loaders

When walking past construction sites, we can often see telescopic loaders. Considering their versatility and importance for supporting the implementation of tasks, entrepreneurs are increasingly convinced of their services. Telescopic loaders are used to lift and transport loads using forks. There are often situations in the workplace where there are lifting machinesRead more "

Scaffolding fitter

Have you ever wondered how the scaffolding found on a daily basis, e.g. on construction sites or set up next to renovated buildings, is created? Maybe you were wondering if they are safe for both employees and people, like you, passing by? Or maybe you are just interested in working as a scaffolding fitter? If you are interested inRead more "

Methodology of work in plasma welding

There are many welding methods that we can use in practice. There are also more and more opportunities that give us the ubiquitous technological development. Although welding has been known since ancient times, new methods are being discovered every now and then. One of them is plasma welding, which is not yet fully knownRead more "

Welding - work methodology

The work of a welder is one of the specialist professions that are becoming more and more popular and profitable nowadays, and the demand for specialists in this field is great. It is also worth mentioning that the salaries of an experienced welder reach up to PLN 5,000 in Poland, in other European countries they range from 3,000 to 6,000Read more "

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