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Practical application of HDS cranes


HDS abbreviation: hydraulic truck crane. It is a very commonly used device in all kinds of handling work. The HDS crane is subject to the Office of Technical Inspection.  


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The design of an HDS crane consists of fixed components, which are essential equipment for any machine, and variable parts, which are replaced depending on the tasks performed by the machine. The most important fixed components include:  

  • set of supports - these keep the crane stable on the surface. They are placed on each side to perfectly balance the crane's heavy weight;  
  • crane base - the platform on which the entire crane is mounted;  
  • crane column - the vertical element that connects the platform to the hoist, sometimes the column has a telescopic system to make crane work quicker and easier;  
  • boom - one of the most important components of a HDS crane. Most often, it is a movable part, so it can work on any terrain, even inaccessible ones. 


Firstly, HDS cranes are very easy to transport and intuitive to use. What's more, by embedding the crane on a vehicle, the machines can move effortlessly and in less time on the road. 


hds vehicle

A HDS mounted on a vehicle allows loading and unloading without the need for additional vehicles and machinery - forklifts, telehandlers or cranes. For this reason, trucks with cranes are commonly used to transport various types of cargo, including pallets and containers. The crane's high load capacity also makes it possible to load heavy construction materials, prefabricated structural components and even machinery and vehicles not suitable for use on public roads. Long-range hydraulic cranes can be used to transport materials to great heights - including to higher floors or the roof of a building. Specialised buckets (e.g. for bulk materials) and grabs (e.g. for sewer pipes) can also be fitted to the end of the crane. Trucks with HDS cranes can be used for earthworks, agricultural and roadworks.  

HDS crane operator licence

HDS cranes are based on hydraulic technology - their components are controlled by a hydraulic system. In order to operate the handling cranes, the appropriate authorisations are required - these are granted after the completion of a course and passing a state examination before the UDT. During the course, participants learn everything in terms of the theory behind the construction and operation of the equipment, as well as health and safety rules. There are also practical exercises to help participants learn how to operate the equipment correctly. HDS cranes can be used both outdoors and in enclosed spaces such as halls, but with the proviso that they should be properly ventilated. Otherwise, there is a risk of exhaust fume poisoning. Mobile cranes should never be used during gusty winds or storms. Work should also be suspended when visibility is restricted. The vehicle must be correctly positioned and properly levelled. Details of the crane's maximum permissible tilt can be found in its technical data. The ground must be adequately strong and, if the ground is uneven or muddy, special stabilisers and shims should be used. 


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Before starting work, the crane operator should always check that there are no bystanders in his area. The crane's working area must be properly demarcated and marked. The vehicle must have warning lights, hand brake and wheel chocks on. The operator of the machine must be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment - suitable footwear, a protective helmet and non-restrictive clothing. 

Main prohibited activities:  

  • handling loads with unknown parameters,  
  • handling ground-bound loads, 
  • working without lifting aids,  
  • working during unsuitable weather conditions, 
  • working in unsuitable terrain and near hazards such as power lines,  
  • use of a faulty crane and accessories, 
  • working with the crane without a valid UDT decision and entry in the maintenance book, 
  • moving loads over people and workstations. 

The most popular questions

What is a HDS crane?

It is a very commonly used device in all kinds of handling work.

What are the advantages of a HDS crane?

The HDS crane remains stable on the surface, is easy to transport and allows loads to be transported to great heights.

What can HDS crane trucks be used for?

HDS crane trucks can be used for earthmoving, agricultural and roadworks, as well as for the transport of bulk materials and pipes. 

What are HDS cranes?

HDS (hydraulic truck crane) - this is a variation of the truck crane, mounted on trucks and vans.

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