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As a KURSO centre, we can assure you that we know our forklift trucks. We work with various warehouse companies and take care of all the forklifts that come through our doors. 

What is a forklift truck? 

Professional workshop

A forklift is a small industrial vehicle equipped with a powered, front-attached platform that can be raised and lowered to lift or move a load. Forklifts are able to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including warehouses and other large storage facilities. The forklift truck is mainly used for transporting heavy loads over long distances in varied terrain. It is useful for projects that require a large amount of materials in different locations and reduces the time and effort required for lifting, moving and transporting. 

Types of forklifts 

Types of forklift trucks include: 

  • gantry lift trucks, 
  • side lift trucks, 
  • specialised trolleys, 
  • internal mast lift trucks, 
  • front lift trucks. 

Our experts handle each of them. 

Legal basis 

The Technical Supervision Act of 21 December 2000 is responsible for regulating the issues that are related to forklift truck maintenance. The equipment is also subject to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 3 February 2003, and therefore, since 18 August 2003, mechanical lift trucks are on the list of equipment that is subject to technical supervision. 

Every forklift user must have the appropriate authorisations from the Office of Technical Inspection. In Poland, the documents needed to operate a forklift are: 

  1. pass from the Office of Technical Inspection, 
  2. working machinery operator's book. 

Forklift trucks are important pieces of equipment in warehouse operations that have a significant impact on daily operations. The failure of a forklift can have far-reaching consequences - even stopping production. Therefore, every company should make every effort to ensure that its forklifts are as available as possible. 

A professional workshop is the best solution for your forklift truck 

Forklift truck repair

For us, it is important to provide a professional service to ensure that your forklifts are always operational and ready for use. This is guaranteed by our compact service team, specialised in forklift truck repair and maintenance. Reliable, fast and economical: these are the hallmarks of the KURSO service. This applies not only to our forklift truck brands Komatsu, Still, Toyota, Linde, Mitsubishi, but also to the majority of forklift truck brands and types used in Polish intralogistics. 

On-site service 

KURSO has its own fleet of very well-equipped workshop vehicles to carry out most forklift repairs directly at your company. Our employees are well prepared through appropriate training and further education to be able to repair forklifts from most manufacturers. They also always carry a wide selection of common operating and spare parts. Because our specialists perform their services at the desired forklift site, forklift downtime can be reduced to a complete minimum. 

However, if for some reason it is not possible to repair the damage on site, the chief mechanic transports the unit to our specialist forklift workshop, ensuring that appointments are made quickly and, if possible and necessary, spare parts are ordered. 

It will also take care of the delivery of a replacement forklift for the duration of the repair, as requested by the customer. If the forklift repair takes a long time, you will quickly and easily get a suitable forklift for hire at an agreed flat rate. 

We offer on-site service in most cities in Poland. 

You can have your forklift repaired at our premises 

The KURSO centre has its own specialist forklift workshops in many cities in Poland. To make an appointment for a real one at a specific location, please call us for details. 

Gantry lift truck

In our mechanically and electrically well-equipped workshops, we are able to repair all forklift components. For special forklift parts that cannot be obtained anywhere else, we can produce them ourselves. If an on-site repair is not possible, a member of our staff will contact the forklift workshop to coordinate a date, order the necessary parts from our forklift parts warehouse and discuss with you whether you need a replacement forklift for hire. We repair forklifts of the Caterpillar, Manitou and Hyuindai brands - but also forklift problems of all well-known manufacturers. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair technology and a dedicated, highly trained forklift truck service team. 


What are the benefits of maintenance by our service technicians? 

  • Guaranteed safety for forklift operators, 
  • Guaranteed 'know-how' in the form of reliably trained service technicians, 
  • Supervision by authorised specialists, 
  • Low price, 
  • Fast, efficient service. 

What does our full service plan look like? 

Our service plan is as follows: 

  1. A forklift expert inspects your forklift and assesses its condition. 
  2. You receive a forklift test report and a fixed price offer. 
  3. The forklift is cleaned on our lifting platform. 
  4. Your forklift is dismantled, parts checked for function and repaired - strictly according to our guidelines. 
  5. The repair is followed by a comprehensive inspection of the forklift along with operational and functional tests. 
  6. Ultimately, you receive a fully operational forklift truck, covered by a warranty. 

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