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Cooker and boiler fitter - Training 

The CO cooker and boiler stoker course at our company guarantees the qualifications you need to work with the heating system. Thanks to our training staff, you and your employees will learn how to work as a CO cooker and boiler stoker in a safe manner.  

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The powers of the smoker of CO furnaces and boilers in today's market situation ensure stable and safe operation. In addition, the training is not the most difficult and virtually anyone can take part in it. Therefore, if someone is considering expanding their professional competences with permits to work with boilers and CO boilers, a course at KURSO is the best way to acquire new permissions. 


Anyone who is willing to take part in a course organised by KURSO must meet a few basic conditions: 

  • 18 years or older 
  • Education at least basic 
  • There are no medical contraindications to work as a stoker for central heating furnaces and boilers 

These conditions apply to each student, regardless of the form of training. 

KURSO offers two types of training courses for central heating cookers and boilers: open and closed. In the first case, anyone wishing to take part in a training course must sign up for a date listed in the timetable on our website. Open training courses are available to anyone wishing to broaden their professional skills. Most often, they are held at KURSO's premises or at one of its many training centres located throughout Poland. 

Most of the open courses, including the stoker and CO boiler stoker, are organized during standard working hours. For people who, however, do not have time then, the KURSO company offers special courses in the evening hours. Additionally, for people working or studying, our company also offers special weekend training. Thanks to this, anyone who wants to can acquire rights for furnaces and central heating boilers. 

Closed courses are usually organized by individual clients for their employees. In this case, clients themselves report to us with the date on which they would like to organize the training. Closed courses for stoves and CO boilers can be held at our headquarters, but in this case our students are also able to reach the client and conduct training in his company. 

Form of training 

The length of a cooker and boiler burner course at KURSO depends primarily on the trainees' level of experience. Cooker and boiler burner courses for people with no previous experience can last several days. Before enrolling yourself or your employees in a course, it is a good idea to get an idea of their skill level first. For those unsure of their skill level, our consultants will be able to offer a suitable course after a short telephone interview. 

All training courses at KURSO consist of two parts - theoretical and practical. In addition, each training course ends with an examination, the passing of which confers on trainees a qualification certificate allowing them to work as burners of central heating boilers and cookers. 

Theoretical part Practical part  Final exam 
Students learn information on the construction, safe operation and maintenance of furnaces and central heating boilers. The trainees also learn about legal acts relating to the work of a cooker and central heating boiler burner. Classes take the form of lectures given by our trainers. On request, theoretical training can also be provided remotely via our online learning platform.   Exercises to familiarise students with the work of a central heating cooker and boiler stoker. Trainees can practise their knowledge before the final examination. Our company provides all the equipment, specially prepared for the training. It consists of two parts, practical and theoretical In the theoretical part, the trainees answer a series of closed and open questions designed to test their knowledge on the safe operation of central heating cookers and boilers. Topics of the theoretical exam include: construction of central heating cookers and boilers, duties of a stoker at work, legal acts concerning the work of a stoker. The practical part of the examination consists of performing activities in front of an examination board in connection with the installation, operation and maintenance of central heating cookers and boilers. Successful completion of both parts of the examination provides qualification benefits in the operation of central heating cookers and boilers. 
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The price of the course for a stove and CO boiler smoker 

The price of the course in each case depends on a set of individual factors. The number of students, the form of the course or their level of education are just a few of them. 

In the case of open trainings, the KURSO company organizes them regularly, and people who want to check the date and price of the next course for a stove and CO boiler stoker can find all the necessary information on our website. 

The price of closed training sessions is always determined individually for each client. Before contacting our consultants, we encourage you to prepare all important information about the group of students, it will help our company to prepare a tailored individual offer. In addition, companies willing to cooperate with KURSO for a longer period can count on preferential prices. 

In addition to the training itself and the final examination, KURSO also offers a number of facilities as part of the price for the CO cooker and boiler burner course: 

  • Free refreshments for participants (coffee, tea, cakes) 
  • Assistance with transport and accommodation for students commuting from other cities 
  • Access to a learning platform containing exam preparation material 
  • Issue of certificates (including additional documentation if required) 
  • Assistance in organizing an external examination. 

We encourage you to contact our company. Our consultants will make every effort to ensure that each client receives a personalized offer that meets all his expectations. 

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