The KURSO center conducts comprehensive UDT courses and training - we invite all of you who want to obtain knowledge, skills and qualifications to work in selected positions related to our classes.

We are distinguished by high efficiency and we are focused on the satisfaction of our clients - by choosing our courses, you can improve your situation on the labor market, because finding employment both in Poland and abroad will be much easier for you. The price of our classes is not high.

We provide education primarily at our headquarters in the city of Warsaw, but we also organize it in other cities in Poland, where our branches are located. On the website, you can now see the current schedule and then sign up for the classes of your choice. We also organize closed training courses - intended for groups - then please contact us to arrange the details of conducting this type of classes.

As a center with many years of experience, we know how to provide the participants of our classes with professional and full support in preparing to work in selected positions. This means that using our offer will be a future-proof investment for you.

See what benefits our courses will give you:

KURSO offers training for UDT and other qualifications:

Forklift operator

Powers forklift

Come to our centre where we will prepare you to operate forklifts. We emphasise practical exercises that will enable you to be adequately prepared to work with the equipment:

  • forklift trucks,
  • reach trucks,
  • lift trucks,
  • trolleys lifting the operator and the load,
  • trolleys with variable reach,
  • forklift trucks.

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Mobile platforms

Mobile platform

We invite you to our center, where you will learn how to use aerial platforms and scissor lifts. During our classes, you will learn practical work with devices:

  • aerial platforms,
  • scissor lifts,
  • stationary platforms,
  • hanging platforms,
  • mast platforms,
  • and other.

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Telescopic loaders

telescopic loader

We conduct classes aimed at future operators of Manitou and other chargers. In our center, you will receive the knowledge necessary to obtain qualifications to operate telescopic loaders.

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During our classes you will gain knowledge and skills, thanks to which you will pass the UDT exam for the crane operator's license. We provide professional preparation and training materials.

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The work of a hook whistleblower is a big responsibility. Our center will properly prepare you in the field of securing cargo for transport and provide you with the knowledge needed to obtain qualifications.

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Cranes-cranes are popular equipment found on construction sites, but not only. At our centre, we will prepare you to operate cranes:

  • HDS,
  • self-propelled,
  • tower,
  • railroad.

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Flange connections 

We also provide training in the installation of flange connections at our centre. With us you will learn the principles of safe installation and de-installation of flanged joints. In addition, we impart practical knowledge in the selection of gaskets and the making and supervision of flange connections.  

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Altitude training 

At the KURSO centre, as part of our height training, we prepare people to work at heights. We provide for two types of authorisation, these are training in building access and industrial mountaineering. We impart the knowledge you need to carry out any work related to the maintenance of antennas or masts, as well as when repairing building facades or installing advertisements.

Building access allows you to work on ladders, platforms roofs scaffolding and other elevations. In addition, our centre runs a course in scaffolding assembly, where we prepare you for scaffolding assembly and dismantling work:

  • aluminium 
  • systematic 
  • steel 
  • passable 

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In our center, you will learn how to operate goods and passenger lifts, commonly known as lifts and lifts. We focus on providing practical knowledge that will prepare participants for future work.

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A welder

We run classes to prepare you for the work of a welder. In our centre, you will learn how to correctly perform welds with the methods:

  • SAW,
  • plasma arc welding
  • MIG/MAG,
  • TIG,
  • MMA
  • in accordance with PN EN 1591-4 (TÜV certificate).

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Butt welding, muff and electrofusion welding (HS + HM + HMS)

All classes are conducted in accordance with the latest regulations and based on many years of experience of our instructors. The study programs meet the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and other industry institutions.

We focus primarily on the activation of our students - the classes consist of a theoretical and practical part, during which they can apply the acquired knowledge during exercises. In this way, not only is it easy to pass the exam and obtain the qualifications, but we also support the daily safe work of our graduates.

If you have any questions related to our training services, we are always available - please contact us by phone, e-mail or you can visit us in person at our headquarters or branches.

We invite you to take advantage of our training services at the KURSO center!

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Energetic, thermal, gas

Training for qualifications in categories G1, G2, G3 - The KURSO Center invites you to familiarize yourself with its offer! We deal with comprehensive and professional training of people who want to obtain qualifications and are granted by other institutions such as PSE, SIMP, SITPS. Together with us, you can gain extensive knowledge on the operation and supervision of devices, installations and electricity networks that use heat and gas. We use modern teaching methods, we place emphasis on the satisfaction of our students and we can be proud of our high pass rate. Please check the training details!

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Sale of forklifts / mobile platforms / cranes

In our offer you will also find forklifts, telescopic loaders, HDS cranes as well as basket and scissor lifts for sale. We take care of every product we offer so that when delivering it to the customer, it is in the best condition. Our assortment includes devices from the following companies:

Service and maintenance of equipment

We invite you to our equipment service. We carry out all repairs and maintenance:

  • mobile platforms,
  • telescopic loaders,
  • forklifts,
  • HDS cranes,
  • overhead cranes.

We have a large range of spare parts, including the most popular brands such as:

  • Haulotte,
  • Jungheinrich,
  • Linde,
  • JLG,
  • Still,
  • Genie,
  • Toyota,
  • Manitou.
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