In our training center KURSO you can take part in a hoist operator training course. Thanks to it, each participant learns everything that is needed to operate this type of device. At the same time, we always ensure the highest quality of education - in accordance with the current legal requirements and based on our activating methods, thanks to which you can acquire knowledge in an even more effective way.

Hoists are lifting devices, which are included in a larger group of tractors, i.e. lifting devices designed to move objects in a designated direction with the use of rope or chain strings and a catch, usually a hook or a gripper.

Our classes include the following topics:

  • construction of hoists and their types
  • technical supervision of devices
  • specialist machinery: operation of hoists
  • operator's duties - before starting work, during and after work
  • principles of occupational health and safety

In addition, also after the theoretical part of the course, participants take part in practical training on hoists, so you can then apply the knowledge you have gained in everyday work as an operator. Classes end with an exam, and passing it successfully before the UDT committee allows you to obtain a certificate for a hoist operator. The issued qualification certificates are valid indefinitely.

To enroll in the course the following are required:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education
  • no health contraindications to work in the position

In our center, we conduct open and closed classes. If you want to participate in them yourself, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the schedule of classes on our website - thanks to it you will get up-to-date information on the dates of classes. For organized groups, we have prepared classes in a closed form - then we are able to reach you throughout Poland.

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