UDT equipment conservator - a course preparing to obtain qualifications

To become a conservator of handling equipment, you must take an exam and obtain qualifications

The decision to look for a job in the profession of a maintenance of material handling equipment may be one of the best decisions in your career. However, it should be remembered that it is not possible to perform the maintenance tasks without having the appropriate permissions. For people who would like to retrain and find a job in this profession sought after on the labor market, we offer participation in a specialist course, which prepares them for theoretical and practical qualifications. Our offer includes courses for restorers most popular devices under technical supervision. Each course consists of a theoretical and practical part, after which you can take the state UDT exam organized at the center.

Courses for UDT conservators: program of activities

Each course we run is divided into two parts: theoretical, conducted by our instructors in the form of lectures, and practical. Theoretical classes consist in learning the construction, operation of devices, regulations for maintenance technicians (Health and Safety, Technical Inspection Act), methods of removing popular faults, using the equipment manual, and preparing technical documentation. The curriculum is structured in such a way as to correspond to the scope of the UDT examination requirements.

During the practical part, participants use the equipment and protective measures provided by the center. Then they have the opportunity to acquire skills useful in later work: performing repairs and inspections, and taking care of the proper technical condition of devices.

The duration of the course is 32 to 96 hours. The length depends on the needs of the participants, their experience and the pace at which they acquire knowledge.

Handling devices

In our center you can take advantage of a wide range of training courses for conservators. We conduct classes during which we teach maintenance:

Training in the maintenance of UDT devices: practical information


Devices covered by UDT's technical supervision must undergo regular technical inspections

We accept registration for training by phone or e-mail. We conduct classes in Warsaw and in our branches throughout Poland. We provide interested clients with information about the available dates of classes in individual locations. At the registration stage, we conduct an interview with the client, on the basis of which we assess his training needs and assign him to the appropriate group.

The classes may be attended by a person who is 18 years old, has a minimum basic education and has no contraindications to work with a given type of equipment.



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