Gas welding, everything you need to know!

Gas welding is a very popular method of joining various metals. Used in repair or renovation works. This welding is called oxy-acetylene welding and has been in use for a long time. There are three welding methods gas, i.e. right, left, up. The gas welding station consists of an oxygen hose, cylinder reducers, oxygen-acetylene torch, gas cylinder, and a set of parts for the torch.

Is it worth becoming a gas welderGas welding begins with a very thorough cleaning of the material of all impurities, e.g. grease. The tightness of hoses and couplings is also very important. The technological indications are as follows: we weld low-carbon and low-alloy steels. We avoid welding of high-alloy steels, copper or aluminum. Upward gas welding has many advantages:

  • low gas consumption
  • easy to make the weld
  • high welding performance

The most common type of flame is the normal (reducing) flame. It enables the welding of copper, carbon steel and cast iron. There are two more types of flame, i.e. carburizing and oxidizing.

It is definitely worth becoming a gas welder. Such a person will easily find a job, and the profession is profitable. To start your business, you need to take a specialist course, the duration of which is 100-200 hours. The basis of such a course is practice, i.e. exercises. However, the theory should not be forgotten. Training is offered by job corps and private service providers. The profession of a welder is considered to be future-proof. However, there are downsides to this activity. Welding fumes have a negative effect on health. PLN 5,000 gross is the average salary of a welder. The final earnings are influenced by various factors, such as the length of service of an employee, the company's capital and its size, as well as the area of employment. A gas welder is a specialization that requires a lot of detail.

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