Causes of accidents while operating mobile platforms

Service movable platforms requires proper preparation and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations during work. Operators are exposed to various dangers, and therefore must remember to always carefully check the workplace and the condition of the machine.

The most common causes of accidents with the use of mobile platforms include:

  • improper leveling of the machine on uneven ground
  • overloading the machine during operation
  • work on an unsuitable surface for this purpose
  • faults and defects of the machine
  • failure to maintain an appropriate distance from excavations, buildings, power lines
  • failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions in the device's user manual
  • increasing the working height with the use of ladders
  • atmospheric factors - excessive wind, storms, frost
  • no qualifications and no certificate of no contraindications to work at height

A person who wants to work as an operator of the aerial platform learns all about its safe operation during the training.

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