Application of a telescopic loader

Telescopic loaders is a widely used material handling equipment. It is used in many different works, in particular construction and agriculture, as well as in industry, as well as in municipal and gardening works, which is why it is one of the most versatile and most frequently ordered devices.

Due to their structure, devices of this type are suitable for transporting various types of materials and elements, and used with them additional equipment makes them even more functional.

Examples of works in which telescopic loaders are used:

  • unloading and loading of materials
  • material handling
  • work at height

Some telehandlers are equipped with 4WD and special tires that allow them to move over rough terrain. Equipped with stabilizers, and often also with automatic leveling systems, its stable positioning on uneven ground is not a problem, which also contributes to increasing the safety of work.

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