Additional equipment for telescopic loaders

The variety of accessories used with telescopic loaders makes these devices versatile and therefore belongs to the group of the most frequently used in construction, industrial, agricultural and other works. Thanks to additional equipment, you can effectively increase the precision, speed and comfort of work.

Among the most used attachments for telescopic loaders there are:

  • buckets with a grapple - are designed to secure large-size loads, and can also be used for cleaning workplaces
  • material buckets - designed for cleaning the workplace, loading and aligning
  • digging buckets - thanks to them, earthworks can be carried out
  • trolleys with forks - intended for loading and unloading works, they can also be adjustable or with a side shift, which allows for precise placement of loads on the spot
  • carriers - standard and rotary, designed to move and place materials in space, are available in a variety of sizes
  • block fork - used when working with blocks of bricks and blocks
  • wood forks - used for transporting long wooden materials
  • Pallet forks - designed to handle materials on pallets
  • lifting hook - allows you to raise and lower objects, it is attached to the attachment, therefore it does not require its replacement
  • lattice boom - used for steel and wooden building structures
  • work platforms - used as a work station, they deliver workers and materials to a specific working height

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