Causes of accidents while operating telescopic loaders

Works with the use of telescopic loaders require appropriate preparation from the operator. This also applies to getting acquainted with the principles of health and safety at work. This type of work is fraught with various hazards, therefore it is necessary to follow the health and safety regulations and use common sense and self-control, otherwise there is a risk of an accident.

The factors that affect the safety of work with a telehandler are primarily:

  • failure to enforce health and safety rules
  • lack of personal protective equipment - protective clothing, helmets and more
  • no authorization to operate the device
  • faults and defects of the device resulting from the lack of its maintenance
  • no inspections of the Office of Technical Inspection
  • too high concentration of machines, material and people within the loader working range
  • lack of adequate infrastructure enabling safe work
  • work near dangerous places - too close to buildings, power lines, trees, on uneven ground, in the vicinity of excavations
  • work in unfavorable weather conditions, for example during a storm, in strong winds

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