Types of mobile platforms

Several are currently used in the work types of working platforms - they differ in their design, and thus also in use.

Mobile platforms is divided into:

  • low-speed - equipped with a drive, they cannot be used on public roads
  • self-propelled - mounted on car chassis
  • transportable - mounted on trailers
  • lorry trucks - with a variable reach and a working platform, most often as telescopic loaders with a basket

Main types of slow-moving platforms:

  • scissors
  • articulated
  • telescopic

Mobile platforms are subject to technical supervision.

Legal basis:

  • Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 7 December 2012 on the types of technical devices subject to technical inspection (Journal of Laws 2012 No. 0 item 1468), issued pursuant to Art. 5 sec. 2 of the act on technical inspection.
  • Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 30 October 2018 on the technical conditions of technical inspection in the field of operation, repairs and modernization handling equipment (Journal of Laws 2018, item 2176).

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