Construction of mobile platforms

Mobile platforms this handling equipmentwhich are intended for moving the workstation together with people and equipment. They are widely used on construction sites as well as in various types of assembly and disassembly works. Colloquially, mobile platforms are also called lifts, basket lifts, scissors.

Depending on the type of the mobile landing, its structure is slightly different. However, we distinguish the main elements of the devices of this

    kind. They mainly include:

  • work platform - fenced with railings, located on a boom or lifting mechanism, used as a work station - the work platform also has a device control mechanism
  • lifting mechanism, extendable axles, telescope, main boom - elements that connect the working platform with its lower control panel, depending on the type of platform, they are regulated on a given section
  • rotating tower - some platforms are equipped with rotating towers that allow you to change the direction of work
  • lower control panel - this is the base of the platform, which can be mounted on a mechanism with wheels or can be equipped with stabilizing supports
  • stabilizing supports - are used to level the device on uneven ground

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