Welding machines and types of welding machines

A welder is a device designed for automatic or manual welding.

We distinguish the following types of welding machines:

  • to plastic
  • electrode
  • microplasma
  • fiber optic
  • transformer

One of the most commonly used welding machines is a transformer welding machine, i.e. an electric one. In this case, the joining of metal elements takes place using an additional binder, most often an electrode. The fusion takes place when the material to be joined and the electrode are melted under the influence of the temperatures generated by the electric arc. In electric welders, welding transformers are used, powered by mains voltage - single-phase (230 V) or three-phase (400 V). A type of electric welder is an inverter welder - it works at an increased frequency and is lighter than standard models.

Appropriate qualifications are required to operate welding machines. They are given after completing the welding course and passing the exam before the UDT committee or other industry institution.

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