Types of welded joints and welds

Various types of welded joints and welds can be obtained in the frictional welding process. Below is a list of them.

Types of welded joints:

  • angular one-sided and two-sided - tee, cross, corner
  • rebated - overlay, overlap
  • butt

Types of welds:

  • butt welds - formed between the wall forming the element thickness and the other element, when they cover the entire thickness of a given element, then they are called full penetration welds, and if they do not cover its entirety, then they are partial or incomplete penetration welds; are formed in butt and angular joints
  • fillet welds - they occur in the groove resulting from the non-skewing of the walls of the connected elements; are formed in angular and rebated joints
  • marginal welds - occur when the edges of the sheet are bent, do not require the addition of a binder; are formed in butt and rebate joints
  • hole welds - occur when an oblong or round hole in one of the sheets is filled with adhesive; are formed in lap joints
  • point welds - formed when one sheet is melted and fused into another sheet; they are present in lap joints

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