Changes in the material during welding

During the welding process, changes occur in the elements that are joined together. It has to do with the action of high temperature in the metal or other material. The thermal transformations that take place then primarily change the strength of the weld. The result depends on the one selected welding methods and the material used in this process.

Welded joints change their strength within the following range:

  • tensile strength
  • flexural strength
  • compressive strength
  • shear strength

Modern welding machines are devices where you can get a very good effect, and the changes are not that significant - no special corrections are required, so the weld has full properties from the beginning of welding.

After the welding process is completed, slag particles may appear on the surface of the weld, which are very sharp. Therefore, the welded joints are additionally ground before using the structure to make them sufficiently smooth.

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