Welding and welded connections

Welding is the technology department that deals with joining metals using welding and fusion methods. Appropriate machines and tools are needed to carry out this type of work. Due to the high risk during work, the welder must not only be adequately prepared, but also use appropriate personal protective equipment.

As a result of the welding process, welded joints are formed - these joints are called joints, which are the result of the process of physical joining materials together as a result of their local melting and solidification.

Welding is primarily used to connect metal elements - mainly steel, and also plastics. In this process, special welding binders are additionally used, i.e. melting additional material that fills the resulting weld in the native material.

Various kinds are used welding methods depending on the desired effect. The result is different types of welded joints and welds on the materials to be joined together.

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