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Overhead cranes are devices commonly used in handling work, including in landfills, in shipyards, in industrial halls. Several different types of cranes are in use, including bridge and gantry cranes.

Basically, the cranes can be operated:

  • from the operator's cabin - this is a control method used primarily in the case of large cranes, both indoors and outdoors, the operator is then in an enclosed cabin, from where he can see the field of work and can manipulate the device
  • from the working level - in this case the operation usually takes place from the ground level using a special control panel, but there are also overhead cranes that are controlled wirelessly - in this case it can be done remotely

Depending on how the cranes are operated, different types of authorizations are required. These are:

  • IS - machines controlled from the operator's cabin, winches and hoists in the IW category and devices in the II S category
  • II S - machines controlled from the working level, category II W hoists and winches, stationary workshop cranes

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