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Soldering and work methodology

A soldering iron is a piece of equipment available for use by both the amateur and the professional. Soldering is the permanent joining of metal components. Soldering irons are primarily used for soldering pipes as well as electronic components. Soldering irons are also used for simple household tasks such as jewellery repair. It is worth mentioning that soldering irons are not expensive and are widely available. 

When choosing a soldering iron, you need to be guided by the following things: 

  •  soldering iron power, 
  •  mainsail,  
  • operating temperature.  
Soldering accessories

The basic components of a soldering iron are: 

  • mainsail,  
  • handle,  
  • heating element.   

Types of soldering irons: 

  • battery operated 
  • transformer 
  • gas 
  • heater (resistance) 
  • Electrical. 

A soldering iron is an essential piece of equipment in an electronics technician's workshop. The most common model is the electric soldering iron, powered at 230 V. Electric soldering irons are mainly used by hobbyists. The power of such a tool is 25-60 watts. Cob soldering irons are typical. 

Cordless soldering iron 

This is a battery-operated soldering iron. The temperature of the soldering tip reaches up to 500°C. However, you need to be aware of the limitations. The maximum operating time is approximately 1 hour. The mini soldering irons are powered via a USB port.   

Resistance soldering iron 

A resistance soldering iron is also called a heater soldering iron. It is the most common type of soldering iron used in robotics. The soldering station includes a power supply as well as a lightweight stock. Resistance brazing has many advantages, including precision. 

Transformer soldering iron 

In this case, there is another way to generate energy. The transformer soldering iron is made of a massive transformer. Such soldering has its drawbacks, i.e. low precision and high weight.  

Hotair soldering iron 

In this case, we solder with air that is at a temperature sufficient to melt the binder. The air temperature is raised by the electric heater. The device is useful in SMD assembly and desoldering. 

Soldering accessories 

Regardless of whether you solder professionally or as an amateur, you should have a good workshop. Among other things, you need a flux bottle, a cutter, glasses, and a tin suction device.  

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