LPG cylinders.

Filling portable pressure vessels with liquefied gases

The training centre "KURSO" runs a course on filling portable pressure vessels with liquefied gases and more. We have a very wide training offer and carry out courses all over Poland. Our training centre has a very high pass rate for the UDT examinations. Gain new professional qualifications with us! Training programme Classes at our centre are conductedRead more "


Air compressor operation and maintenance licence

Course in the operation and maintenance of compressors Our KURSO centre provides training for qualifications in, among other things, the operation and maintenance of industrial compressors. Many years of experience in the training industry have enabled us to develop effective and professional programmes on the basis of which we conduct our classes. In addition to our factual knowledge, our main focus is on the followingRead more "

Preparation course for obtaining qualifications for scissor lifts

Qualification to operate scissor lifts takes the form of a knowledge test and a practical exam. Candidates for operators are required to have specialist knowledge, which is difficult to acquire on the basis of generally available materials on the Internet. Courses organised by our centre contain all the necessary information provided in an accessible form. Participants have the opportunity to practice operatingRead more "

To become a conservator of handling equipment, you must take an exam and obtain qualifications

UDT equipment conservator - a course preparing to obtain qualifications

The decision to look for a job in the profession of a maintenance of material handling equipment may be one of the best decisions in your career. However, it should be remembered that it is not possible to perform the maintenance tasks without having the appropriate permissions. For people who would like to retrain and find a job in this profession sought after on the labor market, we offer participation inRead more "

Hanging mobile platform operator course with UDT qualifications exam

Hanging mobile platforms are among the equipment covered by technical supervision. For those wishing to work as operators, this means, among other things, that they must hold the relevant UDT qualifications. Participation in our training courses makes it easier to prepare for these qualifications: the classes cover the issues required for the exam, and the instructors teach the trainees how to use the equipment.Read more "

Permissions - G2

We offer you a comprehensive course - G2 for devices producing, processing, transmitting and consuming heat and other energy devices. These are classes that are intended for people who want to obtain appropriate preparation for work in supervision and operation positions that require authorization. Together with us, you can get them even easier.Read more "

mobile crane

Cranes - mobile cranes

If you want to start working as a crane operator, a course at our KURSO centre is a very good solution. It enables you to obtain a crane licence in the category of your choice in order to apply for a job as an operator. UDT authorisation categories: II D - for construction cranes, includingRead more "

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