The work of a welder

The job, in a nutshell, involves joining metal parts together using heat treatment. Due to the rapid growth of industry, work can be found in many sectors, including: Educated welders are among the most sought-after workers on the labour market in Poland as well as abroad. Pros and cons of working as a welder Read more "

Maintenance worker at work

Maintainer of hoists for lifting loads, including vehicles, UDT course 

KURSO provides training to prepare you for work as a maintainer of hoists used for lifting loads, including vehicles. With us you will increase your qualifications, so you will have a better chance of finding a more interesting and better paid job. You will acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills as a maintenance technician, so you can easily pass the UDT exam and obtain your licence.Read more "

The operator controls the machine

UDT course in the operation of stationary mobile platforms

KURSO organises professional training in the field of obtaining authorisations from the Office of Technical Inspection as operators and maintainers of stationary mobile platforms. During the course, we impart theoretical knowledge on the operation of the platform, its construction, safety rules and how to act in the event of a breakdown or accident. Practical classes prepare you to work safely with the equipment. PurposeRead more "

side loading trolley during servicing

Sale of new and used UDT machines

Our company's specialisation is in the field of trading, particularly related to forklift equipment. We offer the sale and rental of both new and used machines from well-known and respected brands. The forklifts we sell are distinguished by their exemplary technical condition, as well as the assured renewed paint coating and full inspection. The forklifts on offer are covered byRead more "

used scissor lift

Maintenance services for UDT machines

About the company We are a company with many years of experience in the market for services related to UDT machinery. Our main objective is the safe and OSH-compliant operation of the equipment entrusted to our service technicians, as well as the full satisfaction of the client. Our staff consists of qualified specialists with the relevant UDT maintenance certificates, whoRead more "

practical ability to weld with covered electrodes

MMA electrode welding in practice

MMA (Metal Metal Arc Welding) MMA welding is a method centred on the use of a consumable electrode made of a suitable core covered with a special lagging. It is considered the most versatile welding technique due to its combination of efficiency, versatility and the possibility of carrying out a wide variety of projects. MMA welding: Decisive advantagesRead more "

HDS crane on site

Practical application of HDS cranes

A FEW WORDSHIPS ABOUT HDS cranes Abbreviation HDS: hydraulic truck crane. It is a very commonly used device in all types of handling work. The HDS crane is subject to the Technical Inspection Authority. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE CONSTRUCTION The structure of an HDS crane consists of fixed parts, which are essential equipment for any machine, and variable parts,Read more "


Become a boom operator

We have over 15 years of experience in the training industry. Our entire staff of experienced instructors make up KURSO to keep our trainees happy. TRAINING FOR BASE AND SCISSOR LICKS We offer courses for operators of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts. We expect participants to: Upon enrolment on the course, each participant receives a pack of materials toRead more "

offshore oil rig worker 

Offshore and Onshore training

PURPOSE OF OFFSHORE AND ONSHORE TRAINING Offshore and Onshore training is organised for students wishing to start their career in the offshore, onshore and offshore industry. We have a wide range of equipment used on offshore and onshore platforms to help you obtain the required qualifications honoured in all European Union countries. WHO'S LEADINGRead more "

Telescopic handlers, operator training courses for UDT operators

We have been operating in the market for more than 15 years. We are distinguished by our experienced staff of trainers who are at the same time experts in the operation of equipment such as: cranes, mobile platforms, fork-lift trucks or telescopic handlers. WE INVITE YOU TO TRAIN TO OPERATE TELESKOPLOADERS The operation of telescopic handlers requires a licence from UDT to operate all forklift trucks. We expect trainees to: Read more "

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